3 Best Lamb Ears + Are Lamb Ears Safe for Dogs?

Treats By Kelsey Leicht 5 min read June 14, 2021

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are lamb ears safe for dogs

Chews are perennially popular, as all dogs need a safe outlet for their chewing instincts. But because new pup products pop up on the market all the time, it’s difficult to weed out those that are safe from those that are not. 

This is especially true with uncommon items, such as lamb ears. But don’t worry — it’s normal to have reservations about trying something new.

Below, we’ll break down lamb ear chews, help you determine if they’re the right treats for your dog, and discuss what might be a better option for his chew style if they’re not.

Key Takeaways: Are Lamb Ears Safe for Dogs?

  • Yes, lamb ears are safe for most dogs. You’ll still want to monitor your pooch while he’s nomming away, and you should double-check with your vet first, but lamb ears are pretty safe chews.
  • While lamb ears are largely safe, there are a few exceptions. For example, you’ll have to be careful giving them to really big doggos, as they could lead to choking. Also, you’ll obviously want to avoid them if your pooch is allergic to lamb or suffers tummy troubles easily.
  • If you want to try lamb ears out, we think Dog Chits Lamb Ears are the best overall option. However, there are two other brands we like, which you should check out.

What is a Lamb Ear Dog Treat?

Lamb ear chews are exactly what they sound like: They’re the, uh, ears of lambs

These all-natural products are cleaned through boiling and usually baked, giving them a crunchy texture that most dogs find irresistible. They are softer than bones yet tougher than jerky-style chews, giving your dog something that he can really gnaw and enjoy. They’ll probably also clean his teeth through treat chewing while he enjoys them. 

Nutritionally, lamb ears are high in protein and low in fat, making them a healthy treat to add to your dog’s menu.

Name Confusion

Just for clarity: There’s also a plant that goes by the common name of “lamb’s ear.”

It isn’t 100% clear whether this plant is toxic to dogs or not, but that’s besides the point. We’re talking about the actual ears of the animals, here.

Are Lamb Ears Safe for Dogs?

Focusing on safety with any new treat or chew is a must to prevent potential illness, injury, or worse in your pup. The good news is, lamb ear chews are just as safe as the more commonly seen pig ear chews and cow ear chews, and they aren’t as likely to break your dog’s teeth as bones are. 

They’re highly digestible, though you should still check labels for country of origin, ingredients, and processes used to avoid issues. Ideally, you want US-made ears that haven’t been bleached or treated with harsh chemicals or preservatives. 

Just remember that all chews present potential risks, including choking and mouth injuries. So always monitor your dog as he gnaws away on his new lab ear chew. 

Are Lamb Ears Better Than Cow or Pig Ears for Dogs?

Lamb ears make excellent chews for pint-sized pooches and puppies, as they are smaller than cow ears. They’re not as fatty as pig ears either, potentially avoiding digestive upset in dogs with sensitive tummies.

Lamb ears are also a great option for dogs suffering from beef or pork allergies. 

Some owners feel that lamb ears smell better and aren’t as messy as pig and cow ears since they’re rarely smoked or basted. Earth-conscious pup parents also appreciate the eco-friendly nature of lamb ears, as sheep have less environmental impact when farmed compared to cows or pigs. 

While lamb ears are good for some dogs, large dogs and heavy-duty chewers may just gobble them down, which kind of defeats the whole point of a chew.  

Since they’re smaller than cow and pig ears, lamb ears can be a serious choking hazard if your dog sticks the entire ear in his mouth. A durable, long-lasting dog chew like bully sticks or beef knuckles may be better options for these power chewers.  

Pup parents may find lamb ears to be less smelly than other ears and chews. They’re also rarely treated with smoking, flavor bastes, or dyes, which allows for indoor use without the fear of staining your carpet or creating other kinds of messes.

Want to Try Lamb Ears for Your Dog? Which Lamb Ears Are Best for Dogs?

If you’re interested in giving your dog lamb ears to try, we have these standouts for you to check out:

1. Dog Chits Lamb Ears

Best Overall Lamb Ears

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Dog Chits Lamb Ears Dog and Puppy Treats - All Natural Grain and Chemical Free Training Chews - High Protein and Low Fat - Supports Dental Health - Made in The USA - 25 Pack

Dog Chits Lamb Ears

Affordable minimally processed chew with low to no odor and contains no harsh chemical treatments.

About: Dog Chits’ Lamb Ears are an eco-friendly option for your chewer, as they’re sourced and processed in the USA using minimal processing. Offered in two size options, you can pick the chew that works best for your dog.  


  • Perfect for indoor chewing with low to no odor and zero dyes
  • All ears are boiled and baked without harsh chemical treatments
  • Contain zero artificial preservatives or additives 
  • Made in the USA

Options: Available in 25-count bags for large breeds and 1-pound packs of smaller ears for little doggos.


  • Ideal for getting the ear size that works best for your pup
  • Affordable
  • Made in the USA


  • High package count isn’t the best for trying a new product

2. Amazing Dog Treats Lamb Ears

Made from Free-Range, Grass-Fed Sheep

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Lamb Ears (10 Pcs/Pack) - Natural Odor Free Rawhide Alternative - Premium Choice Cut Lamb Ear Dog Bones - Excellent Dog and Puppy Chews - Grain Free Treats for Dog

Amazing Dog Treats Lamb Ears

High protein, single-ingredient product made with no additives or artificial flavors.

About: Amazing Dog Treats’ Lamb Ears are high-protein goodies offered in small, medium, and large sizes in each assorted bag. With no additives or artificial flavoring, they’re excellent picks for dogs with sensitive systems or allergies to beef, pork, or chicken.


  • Single-ingredient product
  • Made using grass-fed, free-range sheep
  • Contain no preservatives
  • Made in Turkey

Options: Available in 10- and 25-piece packs.


  • Affordable
  • Little to no odor
  • Mixed size assortment is great for multi-dog houses


  • Smaller ears can be choking hazards for large dogs
  • High package counts can be a downer if your dog isn’t a fan

3. Pet Center, Inc Lamzearz  

Best for Testing Lamb Ears Out

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Pet Center, Inc Lamzearz

Pet Center, Inc Lamzearz

High protein and low-fat USA-made dog treat made with pure lamb.

About: Pet Center, Inc’s Lamzearz are low-fat goodies packaged in pairs, allowing your pooch to sample his newest snack without risking much waste if he’s not a fan. Each ear comes from grass-fed, free-range USA sheep.


  • Contain no preservatives or artificial additives
  • Endorsed by the American Canine Association
  • All products thoroughly screened for E. coli and Salmonella 
  • Made in the USA

Options: Offered in a 2-count package.


  • Affordable
  • Low odor
  • Small package count ideal for trying out


  • Some dogs weren’t a fan of the taste, but that happens with all brands


Has your dog tried lamb ear chews before? Does he have another tail-wagging favorite chew? Let us know in the comments!

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