Best Dog Raincoats: Staying Dry in a Downpour

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Just like their owners, dogs vary in their tolerance for nasty weather. Some are fearless, rough-and-tumble pups willing to go outdoors in anything short of a typhoon, but others refuse to venture out in even the lightest sprinkles.

Nevertheless, dogs at both ends of this spectrum can benefit from wearing a raincoat or slicker. So, read on to learn about some of the best dog raincoats, which will make it easier to keep your furry friend dry!

Quick Picks: Best Dog Raincoat

  • Hurtta Pet Collection Monsoon Coat [Best Overall Dog Raincoat]: This all-season coat may be a bit on the pricey side, but its durability, fit, and features make it perfect for pet parents seeking the best waterproof dog coat around.
  • Fashion Pet Rainy Days Slicker [Best Basic Dog Raincoat]: The best choice for the majority of dog owners, this raincoat will get the job done for a reasonable price (and while making your dog look adorable in the process).
  • Filhome Dog Raincoat [Most Affordable Dog Raincoat]: Need an affordable way to keep your pooch dry during your next rainy day walk? This coat lets you accomplish both goals, and it also serves as a great emergency poncho to stash in the car.
  • Ellie Dog Wear Zip Up Raincoat [Most Stylish Dog Raincoat]: This stylish slicker looks fantastic, and it also comes with a number of nifty features, including pockets – a rarity among canine rain coats.

Why Use a Dog Raincoat? Do You Really Need a Raincoat for Dogs?

dog rain coat

The purpose of waterproof dog raincoats is fairly obvious, but many owners fail to appreciate the diverse array of benefits they provide to both you and your dog. For example:

Waterproof dog raincoats keep your dog drier while walking in bad weather. Many dogs, especially many small breeds, do not like to get wet. Some might even refuse to go potty at all in wet weather! But, once protected by a good raincoat, these dogs become more confident and willing to go out in the rain. Also, by keeping your dog drier on walks, you’ll avoid filling your home with that wet dog smell.

Raincoats keep your dog’s body clean (well, cleaner) while splashing in puddles. In addition to getting wet, dogs often get dirty while walking around in the rain. Raincoats help to keep mud and muck from splashing up onto your dog’s fur, which will also help keep your house cleaner and save you from constant full-body bathing sessions.

A waterproof dog coat will keep your pet warmer in wet, windy, and cold weather. Malamutes, Newfoundlands and other big, thick-coated breeds may not become chilled while walking in bad weather conditions, but most dogs can be at risk for hypothermia with prolonged exposure to wet, cold, or windy weather. Fortunately, raincoats will keep your dog a bit warmer and help shield him from the wind.

Raincoats help make your dog more visible to motorists. Rainy weather is low-visibility weather, so you’ll always want to make sure motorists can see your dog well. Fortunately, most rain coats (especially those with bright colors) help improve the visibility of your dog.

 Dog Raincoats are adorable. I’m not the biggest fan of cutesy dog clothes, but even I must admit that many puppers look absolutely precious in a cute raincoat. And that’s good enough reason to get one for your dog in my book.

Best Dog Raincoats: Our Top Picks


There are a lot of raincoats on the market, but the following are among the best options available. Just be sure to consider your dog’s specific needs, size, and rain-tolerance before making your selection.

1. Hurtta Monsoon Coat

Best Overall Dog Raincoat

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Hurtta Monsoon Coat, Dog Raincoat, Buckthorn, 26 in

Hurtta Monsoon Coat

A top-of-the-line dog raincoat that provides back and belly protection, making it suitable for any doggone doggo adventure. 

About: If you just want to give your dog the best dog raincoat on the market, stop searching and just pick up the Monsoon Coat from Hurtta

Designed to keep adventurous dogs dry so they can enjoy the great outdoors, this raincoat is built from premium materials and comes with a bunch of features lesser coats lack. This includes things like hemmed edges for durability, and a combination of three drawstrings and an adjustable chest strap to provide a snug, leak-proof fit.  

The Monsoon Coat is a pretty pricey waterproof jacket, but that’s just part of the deal when you’re looking for the very best. 


  • Three drawstring closures ensure a great fit and dry fur
  • Covered leash portal for easy access 
  • Full coverage across body and belly
  • Reflective prints and 3M reflective stripes provide visibility  
  • Adjustable chest strap keeps the coat in place

Options: The coat comes in gorgeous hues of Blue, Violet, Orange, and Red with sizes ranging from 8 to 35 inches. 


  • Very durable; many owners reported using them for years
  • Protects your pup’s back and belly (great for muddy places)
  • The included drawstrings and adjustable back strap provide a great fit 


  • This is a pretty pricey raincoat
  • This coat isn’t fleece lined, so it’s not going to provide much additional warmth 

2. Fashion Pet Rainy Days Slicker

Best Basic Dog Raincoat

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Ethical Pet Products 23901055: Fashion Pet Coat Rainy Day, Yellow Md

Fashion Pet Rainy Days Slicker

A great all-around dog raincoat that provides a great combination of quality, comfort, and price. 

About: The Fashion Pet Rainy Days Slicker is an affordable, yet functional raincoat that will help keep your pooch dry while walking in light to moderate rain.

Although it lacks the expensive price tag common to most premium coats, it still comes with a number of features common to high-end models, and it’ll prove to be the best choice for most pets and their parents. 


  • Made from PVC-coated polyester material
  • Adjustable chest strap keeps the coat in place
  • Shoulder/chest ruffle and poncho hood provide extra rain protection
  • Bright yellow color is easy to see (and adorable)
  • Comes with reflective trim for visibility 

Options: This yellow raincoat comes in sizes ranging from extra small to extra-extra-large.


  • Great quality for a budget-friendly price tag
  • Provides plenty of protection for light to moderate rain
  • Owners found it easy to take on and off their pups 
  • Many pet parents love the cute and classic coat design


  • Some dogs simply don’t like wearing a hooded poncho
  • Limited color options (it’s only available in one color)

3. Filhome Dog Raincoat

Most Affordable Dog Raincoat

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Filhome Dog Raincoat Hooded with Reflective Strip Waterproof Pet Rain Jacket Coats Poncho for Small to Large Dogs

Filhome Dog Raincoat

An affordable dog raincoat that’s perfect for cost-conscious owners, and it’d also make a good emergency poncho to keep in your car. 

About: If you just need a budget-friendly way to keep your dog dry, the Filhome Dog Raincoat is hard to beat. It’s not the most fashionable, comfortable, or durable dog raincoat around, but it provides an affordable solution to pooch precipitation problems. 

While this waterproof coat doesn’t have a lot of extra bells and whistles, it does feature all of the things owners would expect, such as a harness hole, poncho hood, and reflective markings. 


  • Features a hood with built-in “visor” for shielding your dog’s face from the rain
  • Adjustable belly straps help provide a good fit
  • Included leash portal makes rainy-day walks easy
  • Elastic leg bands help keep coat in place

Options: Available in 4 sizes, ranging from small to extra-large, and 2 colors: Yellow and Blue.


  • Provides a super-affordable way to keep your dog dry
  • Included visor is a nifty way to keep your dog’s face dry
  • Lightweight jacket that’s easy to pack – it’d make a great “emergency poncho”


  • This raincoat is unlikely to hold up to much wear and tear
  • Some owners complained that it just isn’t well-made

4. Ellie Dog Wear Zip Up Raincoat

Most Stylish Dog Raincoat

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Yellow Zip Up Dog Raincoat with Reflective Buttons, Pockets, Rain/Water Resistant, Adjustable Drawstring, & Removable Hood - Size XS to XXL Available - Stylish Premium Dog Raincoats by Ellie (L)

Ellie Dog Wear Zip Up Raincoat

A stylish, premium-quality dog raincoat that comes with a number of high-end features, such as a removable hood and pockets. 

About: The Ellie Dog Wear Zip Up Raincoat is a premium waterproof coat, designed to keep your dog dry in all weather conditions – and to look good in the process! 

Made with great materials and a clever design, this raincoat is packed with features that address many of the shortcomings of other coats. For example, this coat features a detachable hood, which is perfect for dogs who don’t like to wear one, and a zippered chest for extra protection. 


  • Detachable hood for canine comfort
  • Zippered chest closure protects your pup from splashes
  • Button and drawstring fasteners help keep water out
  • Hole provided for leash attachment 
  • Functioning pockets for carrying small items

Options: This stylish raincoat has a yellow exterior and striped interior, in sizes from extra-extra-small to extra-extra-large to accommodate most pups. 


  • Exudes quality and is simply an adorable dog raincoat
  • Great value for owners seeking a premium, waterproof coat
  • Zippers, snaps, and drawstrings make for a fantastic fit
  • Pockets and chest zipper are helpful features


  • A couple of owners had some sizing difficulties
  • Carries a premium price tag

5. DJANGO City Slicker

Best Raincoat for Small Dogs

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DJANGO City Slicker All-Weather Dog Jacket & Water-Repellent Raincoat with Reflective Piping (Medium, Cerise Pink)

DJANGO City Slicker

A comfy, high-quality canine coat that’s designed to protect your pint-sized pup from wind, water, and winter weather. 

About: The DJANGO City Slicker is a canine raincoat that is specifically made with petite pooches in mind. And the sizing reflects this: According to the manufacturer, the largest size (large) is appropriate for beagle-sized dogs. And thanks to its cut, it’s an especially great choice for long and low-to-the-ground breeds like dachshunds.


  • Outer shell is made of 100% high-grade nylon  
  • Lined with sports mesh cotton and reflective piping
  • Adjustable neck and chest closures 
  • No-leak leash portal for easy leash attachment 
  • Designed for small- to medium-sized pups 

Options: The coat comes in 5 different fun colors (Black, Ceris Pink, Cherry Red, Kombu Green, and Topaz Blue) and 3 different sizes: small, medium, and large. 


  • Very nice-looking, well-made waterproof jacket
  • Great for small dogs, including dachshunds and others with unusual builds
  • Lining helps keep small dogs warmer
  • Fully covers the chest area to keep dogs dry 


  • This jacket is really only suitable for small and very small dogs 
  • Not suitable for heavy rain
  • A relatively pricey option

6. Mile High Raincoat

Best Athletic-Cut Dog Raincoat

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Mile High Life | Dog Raincoat | Adjustable Water Proof Pet Clothes | Lightweight Rain Jacket with Reflective Strip | Easy Step in Closure,Lime Yellow,Small

Mile High Raincoat

A hoodless raincoat that’s easy to put on and provides a great combination of rain protection and freedom of movement.  

About: Got an active canine on your hands who needs some precipitation protection? Well, the Mile High Dog Raincoat may be the perfect choice. A simple, tight-fitting raincoat without a hood, pockets, or flaps that may get in your dog’s way, this coat features a functional design, is easy to put on, and lets your ready-to-rock Rover get out there in wet weather. 

It’s also lightweight, breathable, equipped with a back leash portal, and adorned with reflective piping for safety’s sake. 


  • Reflective strips for safety
  • Adjustable chest strap
  • Waterproof yet breathable fabric
  • Wide storm collar for extra protection without a hood
  • Easy-to-use, step-in design 

Options: This coat comes in 6 colors, including Blue, Brown, Dark Gray, Hot Pink, Lime Yellow, and Orange, and a range of sizes ranging from XXS to L. 


  • Provides great coverage without extraneous components
  • Fleece lining helps provide some extra warmth 
  • Storm collar and chest section help keep your dog dry
  • Very affordable for the quality
  • Would make a great camping poncho


  • A few owners reported quality-control issues (loose threads, etc.)
  • Not every dog likes step-in garments 

7. RC Ducky Poncho

Most Color & Size Options in a Dog Raincoat

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RC Pet Products Packable Dog Rain Poncho, Rubber Ducky, Small

RC Ducky Poncho

A lightweight rain poncho that’s available in an array of colors, patterns, and sizes to match your pup’s personality.  

About: We dare you not to smile when checking out these cute ponchos from RC Pet Products. Designed for light rain, these hooded raincoats come with an adjustable Velcro belly strap to provide a great fit. Do note that these raincoats aren’t insulated, so thin-haired breeds may need to wear a dog sweater underneath in cool weather. 

These doggone-adorable dog coats are also great for traveling, as they come with a vinyl travel pouch to protect them from wear and tear 


  • Lightweight coats are suitable for light precipitation
  • Equipped with an adjustable Velcro waistband
  • Included vinyl travel pouch
  • Wide array of sizes and colors for just about any pooch
  • Hooded design
  • Flap-covered leash access hole 

Options: You’ll have plenty of options with this coat, as it is offered in 14 different sizes, ranging from XXS to 3XL. You can also choose between 17 adorable designs like the Rubber Ducky Print or Pitter Patter Chocolate. 


  • Travel-ready thanks to the included vinyl pouch
  • Unlike some coats with limited color options, this one comes in a wide range of colors (and sizes)
  • Pretty affordable
  • Easy to put on and take off with single strap 


  • The hood can’t be tucked away which annoys some pups 
  • No chest or belly coverage 

8. Hooded Dog Raincoat

Most Adorable Dog Raincoat

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Dog Raincoat Hooded with Reflective Strip - Waterproof Dog Jumpsuit Raincoat Adjustable Lightweight Breathable Rain Poncho Jacket Rainwear for Large Dogs

Hooded Dog Raincoat

An absolutely adorable, poncho-style dog raincoat that’ll have your dog turning heads during rainy-day walks. 

About: If you or your best buddy enjoy the Burberry-style aesthetic, this adorable hooded raincoat from KOOLTAIL might be exactly what you need! Featuring a poncho-style cut and equipped with all of the basic features you want (including a hood, elastic band, and easy-access leash port), this coat will keep your canine dry and stylish at the same time. 

Do note that this coat is fairly lightweight, so small or thin-haired dogs may need some additional clothing in cool weather. 


  • Eye-catching, plaid-style patterning 
  • Made from lightweight, waterproof polyester material
  • Built-in hood with drawstring closure
  • Reflective strip added for safety during poor visibility conditions
  • Adjustable Velcro belly strap ensures a snug fit 

Options: This adorable raincoat comes in a single signature style with 4 sizes, ranging from small to XXL. 


  • Adorable design 
  • Well-made despite being affordably priced
  • Some pooches prefer the poncho cut to traditional raincoats
  • Belly strap helps the raincoat fit snugly 


  • Hood design didn’t work well for all pups 
  • Not suitable for heavy rain 

Things To Look For in a Good Doggy Raincoat

how to choose a raincoat for dog

Of course, you can’t enjoy all of these benefits if you buy a cheap, low-quality raincoat; you’ll just become frustrated when it fails to perform, doesn’t fit right, and won’t last more than one or two walks.

Fortunately, there are a number of very high-quality dog raincoats on the market, which will make your wet-weather walks much more enjoyable.

Look for the following characteristics and features to get the best raincoat possible:

 A Hood or Collar: Hoods are a great way to keep your pup’s head and face dry during walks, and they will often help rain-averse dogs feel more comfortable going outdoors. However, some dogs don’t seem to like wearing a hood, so you’ll just have to experiment with your pup. Extended collars may be an acceptable alternative, although they won’t provide as much protection.

Unimpeded Leash Access: If you use a harness rather than a collar, you will need to pick a raincoat that provides a harness hole — essentially, a place that allows you to attach your dog’s leash to his harness. Otherwise, you’ll have to thread the leash around the coat, which will compromise its efficacy.

 Secure Straps or Closures: A raincoat won’t keep your pet dry if it slides all over the place, so you want to stick to raincoats that have adjustable straps to ensure a good, secure fit. Most of the best raincoats feature Velcro strap closures, which are easy to use and will remain securely attached in wet weather.

 Reflective Material: Always look for raincoats that have reflective trim (often called reflective piping) or at least a reflective strip or two. This will help make your dog easy to see during poor visibility weather and keep you both safe during low-light conditions. Some raincoats rely on reflective stitching, while others use sewn-on reflective patches.

 Warm Liner: Many raincoats are made from a lightweight material. This is great for keeping your canine comfy, but it also means your pup may catch a chill. So, look for a raincoats that features a fleece, wool or synthetic liner. This will help keep your dog warmer and more comfortable while walking around in the cold rain.

 Extra Features: Many of the best dog raincoats have extra features that improve the overall value of the coat. This may include things like pockets for carrying stuff or places you can have your dog’s name added.

Waterproof vs Water Resistant:

If you really intend to walk your woofer in moderate to heavy rain, make sure to look for a dog rain jacket that’s actually waterproof rather than simply water resistant.

Waterproof dog raincoats should completely prevent moisture from seeping through the coat and soaking your pooch, while water resistant coats will only keep minimal amounts of moisture at bay.

Should dogs wear raincoats?

While we wouldn’t consider them strictly necessary in all cases, raincoats can help keep four-footers much more comfortable in rainy weather. Raincoats not only keep dogs dryer during downpours but they’ll keep dogs warmer too.

How do I keep my dog dry in the rain?

Raincoats are the simplest solution, though any thick or waterproof coat will help to some degree. You may want to throw a pair of dog boots on your pet to keep his feet dry too.

Are Hurtta dog coats good?

We certainly think so — that’s why we’ve identified one as the best overall dog raincoat. However, Hurtta makes great coats for other occasions and purposes (such as keeping dogs warm in winter weather), which are also deserving of consideration.

Do dogs like wearing hoods?

We wouldn’t go so far as to say many dogs *like* wearing hoods, but many will take them in stride (and likely appreciate the fact that their heads will stay dry). However, some dogs definitely don’t like hoods and will attempt to shake them off.

Nevertheless, even if your doggo doesn’t like wearing a hood, the rain coat will still keep him dryer.

Do dog raincoats keep your pet’s legs dry?

It depends on the specific coat — some feature full leg coverage, which will obviously help keep your dog’s legs from getting wet, but others feature a sportier cut with exposed legs. Some may even have front legs included, while leaving your dog’s hind legs exposed.

At the end of the day, wet legs will bother some dogs (and owners) more than others. So, as is so often the case, you need to simply consider your dog’s personality and make the best choice you can.


Do you use a rain jacket to help keep your furry friend dry and warm in inclement weather? What raincoat model has worked best for you? Have you found a raincoat design you like more than others? Have you found an absolutely adorable raincoat that’s too cute for words?

Let us know all about your experiences in the comments below.

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Great suggestions in your article, as always! I use Canada Pooch raincoats for my pups (one big, one small) and in winter I place them over their winter coats, also from Canada Pooch. They are of very good quality, easy to put on and off, highly visible and stylish too, and not only have an opening to connect the leash to the harness (a must!), but also have pockets for extras, such as poop bags. They are on the expensive side, but well worth the cost.


Hi – I am trying to find the raincoat that is in the article – It’s the first picture in the piece with a terrier wearing it. It has an oval emblem on the left rear hip area and is grey – can’t see it listed in the article – can you let me know where I can purchase? Thanks


What is the raincoat in the featured picture? Super cute!

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I’ve got raincoat by Bark&Go for my doggy. Great quality and smart details, waterproof membrane fabric and also very stylish!

Luciana Raposo

I`ve tried most of these raincoats and they did not work for my late big labrador so I decided to start making raincoats for big dogs – always forgotten by pet products manufacturers – and came to the best raincoat ever. Light weigh but sturdy material, 100% waterproof, wearable both in winter (with a warmer layer inside) and summer. Lasts for years. Please check my website. Just for your knowledge.

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