Best Dog Diapers: Taking Care Of Your Pal’s Potty Needs

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Dog Care By Ben Team 15 min read April 20, 2021 2 Comments

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Dog Diapers

Teaching your dog to poop and pee outside is one of the first major hurdles of pet ownership.

Many dogs grasp this concept pretty quickly and become trustworthy within a matter of weeks. But unfortunately, others struggle with this basic skill.

This can happen for a variety of reasons. You may be at fault if you haven’t employed sound canine housebreaking strategies, or it may be because your dog has emotional or medical issues that make it harder for her to hold it.

But regardless of the reason your dog has trouble, you’ll want to take steps to prevent messes from happening.

Dog diapers can help you do exactly that, and there are several options available on the market. We’ll recommend four of the best ones below, and answer some of the most common questions owners have about doggie diapers.

But first, we’ll talk about some of the reasons dogs need diapers and explain everything you need to know before making a selection.

Quick Picks: Best Diapers for Dogs

See our top picks here, or keep reading for the full details!

The Four Best Diapers for Dogs

There are a lot of doggie diapers on the market, but you’ll definitely want to stick to the very best products available – you don’t want to be worried that your dog’s diapers aren’t going to prove effective.

We’ve assembled the four best versions available, which you can learn more about below.

1. Wegreeco Washable Male Dog Diapers

Features: Wegreeco Washable (reusable) Male Dog Diapers are belly-band-style diapers designed to prevent your boy from sprinkling around the house.


  • DOG DIAPERS SMALL - Great for small dogs and puppies, waist size 11" to 14". Please measure your...
  • NO WORRY LEAKAGE - The quickly absorbent pad is sewn into the diaper and has a leak-free outer layer...
  • SOFT & COMFORTABLE DIAPERS - We only choose durable materials for our dog wraps.The soft jersey...
  • IMPROVING LANDFILL WASTE - By switching to washable dog diapers, wiithin 2 months they will pay for...

Wegreeco Washable Diapers feature a built-in absorbent pad and a completely waterproof exterior to prevent leaks.

However, unlike some other waterproof diapers, the Wegreeco Diapers are designed to remain soft, and they don’t make the “crinkly” noises some other diapers do. A patch of Velcro is sewn onto the bands to make them easy to put on or take off your dog.

You can machine wash and machine dry these diapers, just be sure to avoid using fabric softeners or bleach and dry them on a low-heat setting. Wegreeco Washable Diapers are sold in convenient three-packs, which means you’ll be able to keep your dog covered while washing the ones that he’s already used.

Wegreeco Diapers are available in three different color and feature combinations:

  • Blue, Green, and Purple without a pocket
  • Gold, Black, and Grey without a pocket
  • Black, Blue, and Olive with a pocket to hold an additional pad


  • XXS – 7.5- to 10-inch girth
  • X-Small – 11- to 13-inch girth
  • Small – 13- to 16-inch girth
  • Medium – 16- to 20-inch girth
  • Large – 20- to 24-inch girth
  • X-Large – 25- to 33-inch girth
  • XX-Large – 34- to 38-inch girth

PROS: Most owners were really happy with Wegreeco’s Male Diapers. They appear to fit very well, and they don’t seem to be very easy for dogs to dislodge, no matter how much they wiggle and squirm. Most owners felt that their dogs remained comfortable while wearing them and that they were sufficiently absorbent.

CONS: As with some other diapers, they weren’t quite absorbent enough for all dogs. However, this was easy for most owners to fix by adding a second pad to the band. A few owners did note that it was difficult to get the urine smell out of the diapers, but that may be due to the detergent they chose to use.

2. Wegreeco Washable Female Dog Diapers

Features: Wegreeco’s Washable Female Dog Diapers are made in much the same way as their male diapers.

They have a super-absorbent inner core made of jersey material which will help absorb and contain any liquids leaking from your dog, and they have a completely waterproof, yet soft, exterior that’ll protect your floors, rugs, and furniture from messes.


  • Dog Diapers Small - Great for Small Dogs and Newborn Puppies, waste size newborn puppies to 11.5"....
  • Dog Diapers Female Small - Specially Design for Female Dog - Easy to put and take off diaper wrap...
  • Small washable dog diapers female - Soft & Comfortable Diapers for Dogs - To increase your dog's...
  • Strong Absorbent Washable Dog Diapers Medium - Pad is sewn into the diaper and a leak-free outer...

Wegreeco Washable Female Diapers are machine washable and you can also throw them in the dryer. Just be sure you don’t use any fabric softeners or bleach and that you use a low-heat setting on your dryer.

Also, like Wegreeco’s Male Diapers, the female diapers are sold in convenient three-packs, so you can use one while washing the other two.

These diapers fit over your dog’s legs and tail, and then you’ll fasten the Velcro straps to keep it in place. You can get the Wegreeco Washable Female Dog Diapers in four different color themes: Bright Color, Fancy, Inspiring, and Natural Color.


  • Small – Newborn puppies weighing 3.5 to 7.5 pounds
  • Medium – 9- to 13-inch girth
  • Large – 14- to 18-inch girth
  • Extra-Large – 19- to 26-inch girth
  • XX-Large – 27- to 35-inch girth

Note that the Weegreeco Female Diapers also utilize two additional measurements to determine the proper size. See the manufacturer’s sizing guidelines for more information.

PROS: First of all, these diapers are pretty adorable, but more importantly, they appear to work very well, and most owners who tried them were very pleased with the products. They appear to be comfortable for most dogs to wear, and most owners found that the sizing guidelines were pretty accurate.

CONS: A few owners mentioned that the tail hole was too small, so you may want to think twice about these diapers if your dog has an unusually fat or fluffy tail. Also, some owners complained that they didn’t contain poop very well, although that is not much of a drawback as these diapers are not designed for the purpose.

3. Paw Inspired Ultra Protection Disposable Dog Diapers

Features: Paw Inspired Ultra Protection Disposable Dog Diapers make it easy to cope with your dog’s bathroom issues. Once used, you can simply take off and discard the soiled diaper and put on a fresh one.


  • - BEST DOG DIAPERS on the market, please check the sizing chart in the product images section to...
  • - LEAK PROOF dog diapers, super absorbent core, comfortable, secure fit, breathable bottom layers,...
  • - DISPOSABLE dog diapers with repositionable fur resistant fasteners and Advanced DrySpeed...
  • - MANY USES and applications: from puppy diapers, adult dog diapers, to dog diapers for older dogs...

Designed for use by female dogs (or males who need full coverage), these disposable diapers look like typical human diapers, except that they have a hole for your dog’s tail.

They stay in place via two fur-resistant, repositionable adhesive strips. These strips provide a great fit and won’t yank your dog’s hair when you remove them.

Like most other high-quality dog diapers, the Paw Inspired Disposable Diapers have very absorbent cores, but they also feature DrySpeed Technology. This allows the diapers to convert your dog’s urine into a gel, which all but eliminates the potential for leaks.

Paw Inspired Disposable Dog Diapers are sold in packs of 32.


  • X-Small – 12- to 17-inch waist girth (12-inch diaper length)
  • Small – 14- to 19-inch waist girth (14-inch diaper length)
  • Medium – 16- to 21-inch waist girth (17-inch diaper length)

PROS: Paw Inspired Ultra Protection Disposable Diapers received really good reviews from most owners who tried them. Most owners found that they fit snugly and that they contained urine very well without leaking.

CONS: A few owners reported minor sizing problems, as these diapers appear to run a bit small. Also, a few owners mentioned that the diaper’s inner core would become saturated rather easily, but most were able to prevent these kinds of problems by simply adding a supplementary pad to the diaper.

4. OUT! Disposable Male Dog Diapers

Features: OUT! Disposable Dog Diapers are designed for male dogs who tend to tinkle in inappropriate places. They’re essentially like belly bands, but you can just remove these diapers and chuck ‘em in the trash once they’re used. Slap on a fresh one and your boy is good to go.


  • DESIGNED FOR MALE DOGS – Keep your dog comfortable and dry with XS/Small OUT. PetCare Disposable...
  • LEAK-PROOF FIT - Super absorbent core quickly wicks moisture and keeps dogs dry while leak-proof...
  • WETNESS INDICATOR- Changes colors when the male dog diaper is wet, so you know when it is time to...
  • FUR-SAFE FASTENERS – Repositionable fasteners secure the perfect fit and won’t stick to your...

Designed to stay securely in place while your dog lifts his leg and twists his body, OUT! Disposable Diapers feature a pair of repositionable adhesive tabs that won’t stick to the fur around your dog’s delicate areas.

These diapers feature a two-layer design, including a leak-proof outer layer and a super-absorbent inner core.

These disposable dog diapers are sold in packs of 12, and they feature a fun blue-dotted print.


  • XS – 13- to 18-inch waist girth
  • Medium/Large – 18- to 25-inch waist girth

PROS: Most owners who tried OUT! Disposable Male Diapers were very pleased with their choice. Several owners reported that they out-performed pricier alternatives, and most owners found that they fit well and effectively contained their dog’s urine.

CONS: A few owners felt that the pads would become saturated more quickly than they’d have liked, but most were able to work around this by using a small pad inside the belly band.  Some even found they could get two uses out of each diaper this way (when the pad became saturated, they’d remove it and rely on the diaper).

Reasons Your Four-Legger May Need Dog Diapers

There are several different reasons dogs may need diapers.

Fortunately, some of these issues may only be temporary and you may be able to take steps to correct others. However, a few of the more serious health-related causes will probably last for the rest of your dog’s life.

Improper Housebreaking

The bad news about improper housetraining is likely your fault; the good news is that you can probably re-train your dog and eliminate the problem entirely. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Housebreaking a puppy can be tricky business, and mistakes are common.

Check out our guide to housebreaking puppies (even if your dog is already an adult) and see if some of the suggested steps are helpful. If that doesn’t work, try working with a certified dog trainer or animal behavior specialist.

 Territorial Behaviors

Some dogs – particularly males – are simply more territorial than others, which can cause them to constantly mark their territory (better known as your house).

You may be able to stop this behavior with training techniques, but it’ll likely take a considerable amount of work to achieve success.

While you probably don’t want to neuter a dog solely for the reason of altering his behavior, it may have the added bonus of eliminating territorial habits. Neutering is generally recommended for most dogs, so it may be worth a try.

Nevertheless, these kinds of territorial pissings (raise your hand if you miss the ‘90s) can stick around forever, so you’ll probably find diapers helpful.


Anxious dogs often struggle to control their bladders, and some may even have “stress poops” if they get really upset.

Lots of little breeds experience this problem – they get excited to see company, they roll over on their back for belly scratches, and then they start sprinklin’.

There may not be much you can do about this without reducing your dog’s overall anxiety level, which is a challenge in itself.

Canine anxiety medications, special anxiety-reducing dog crates, and behavioral therapies are worth trying for your dog’s general well-being, but you’ll likely be looking at diapers in the interim.

 Heat Cycles

Unaltered female dogs will produce a bloody discharge that coincides with their heat cycle. Most dogs get a heat cycle every six months or so, but some little dogs may have three or more every year.

Standard female doggie diapers will help contain the mess, but there are also a few canine period panties on the market, which may work better for your pet.

 Medical Problems

A variety of medical problems, ranging from traumatic injuries to infections to cancer, can cause incontinence. And whether the problem is temporary or permanent, you’ll be forced to use diapers for some time.

There’s obviously nothing you can do about such problems other than take care of your bestie as best you can and make sure you are employing whatever treatments are available.

 Breed Predisposition

Any dog can have trouble learning the rules about bathroom time, but some breeds appear to struggle with this more frequently than others. Some of the breeds that are frequently difficult to housetrain include:

  • Dachshund
  • Beagle
  • Basset Hound
  • Pug
  • Pomeranian
  • Chihuahua
  • Whippet
  • Dalmatian

Washable Vs. Disposable Dog Diapers

Once you decide that doggie diapers are in your future, you’ll need to confront the same question that faces many new mothers of human babies: Do you want to use washable or disposable diapers?

Neither option is better in all circumstances, so you’ll just have to make the best choice for you and your pet. The relative pros and cons are pretty intuitive:

Washable diapers are likely cheaper over the long run, and they’re probably the more environmentally friendly option. You will, however, have to engage in far more hand-to-hand combat with a wet or poopy diaper, which is pretty gross.

It’s pretty easy to remove a soiled diaper, close it up and toss it in a trash can – you don’t have to wash the grody thing. On the other hand, they’ll cost you a small fortune over time and disposable diapers probably aren’t the most awesome choice for the environment.

Note that if you are just buying the diapers for a temporary problem, there isn’t really a significant price difference between washable and disposable diapers.

You could probably break out the calculator and determine the optimal economic strategy, but I’m guessing you’ll take my word for it: If you are only worried about getting through a single heat cycle (for example), there’s really no difference in price between the two styles.

You’ll spend about the same amount of money on a several-count package of disposable diapers as you will a three-pack of washable diapers.

We’re talking a buck or two difference. Convenience and performance will trump that every time.

Male Diapers Vs. Female Dog Diapers

Understand that, because male and female dogs are built differently, they need different types of coverage.

A female dog’s exits are pretty close to each other, so a typical diaper (like a human diaper with a tail hole) will work perfectly in a variety of scenarios.

In other words, your standard dog diaper not only works to deal with bathroom issues, but also contains any discharges that occur during a female dog’s heat cycle.

Boys are a bit different though. A male dog’s penis is situated a bit ahead of his crotch, near the belly. This means that if he only has a problem peeing on the carpet or other household items, you don’t have to use a traditional diaper at all.

Instead, you can use a “belly band,” which will take care of his pee-pee problem.

On the other hand, if he has trouble with numbers one and two, then you’ll need to use a diaper that will not only cover his booty, but one that comes up far enough to contain his tinkler too.

Most female diapers will work for males; just be sure that it comes forward on his belly far enough to provide complete coverage. If you can’t find one that will come up far enough, you may have to use a diaper and belly band at the same time.

Dog Diaper

Doggy Diaper FAQ

I don’t care how much time you’ve spent with animals, dogs wearing diapers is kind of a weird thing, and questions abound.

We’ll cover some of the obvious ones here, but don’t hesitate to ask us anything you’d like to know in the comments below.

Can I use human diapers on my dog?

You could probably get a human diaper to work if you were faced with some type of diapering emergency, but you won’t want to do so for long.

For one thing, your dog has a tail. So, if you want to use a human diaper for your dog, you’ll need to cut a tail hole. And while this sounds simple enough, it’s hard to do so in an effective manner.
The materials sandwiched between the diaper’s outer layers will tend to escape and attract your dog’s attention, and it’ll generally become gross and ineffective.

Human diapers are cheaper than dog diapers, but you won’t care about saving pocket change when you’re watching substances leak out on the carpet.

If you’re not interested in purchasing canine diapers, there are some ways to make your own DIY dog diapers at home.

How do you measure your dog for diapers?

Most male diapers rely primarily on a waist-circumference measurement for sizing purposes, but some manufacturers also provide a body weight guideline.

You’ll always want to heed the manufacturer’s advice, but, generally speaking, the waist measurement will prove far more helpful than your dog’s weight, so break out the tape measure and get to work.
Usually, the manufacturer will instruct you to measure your dog’s waist directly in front of his legs, but again, read the sizing guidelines carefully.

If by some chance you are not a seamstress or tailor with a tape measure at the ready, you can simply use a string to mark the circumference of your dog and then measure the string with a ruler.

How do you keep a diaper on a dog?

Most diapers utilize an elastic band or strap (either adhesive or Velcro) to stay snug. Just use care when picking a size, and you shouldn’t have to worry about a loose diaper.

If, however, you end up with diapers that are too large, you may be able to use a bit of duct tape, some type of clip, or an old belt to keep it in place.

Are dog diapers for poop? Or pee only?

Dog diapers are primarily intended for dogs who have trouble peeing, but they may work for poop too (obviously this doesn’t apply to belly-band style diapers for males).

They won’t work fantastically in this regard, but they’re probably better than nothing. Just be sure to change your dog’s diaper as soon as humanly possible if she poops in it.


Do you have to fit your dog with diapers? Is it a constant need, or is it only necessary during heat cycles?

Do you prefer disposable diapers, or do you like to wash and reuse them? Have you found a brand or product that works especially well?

Let us know all about your experiences in the comments below!

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